Get to know me!

I am a high school senior from Port Clinton, Ohio, where I reside with my parents, my twin sister, and our two dogs.

I am looking to choose a college or university that will challenge me while providing  a classic collegiate experience. I'm most interested in an honors program and I hope to benefit from the opportunity to challenge myself.. 

My Life



I have an unweighted GPA of 4.0 and I am currently ranked 1st in my high school class of 147 students. My talents, along with my passions, drift toward STEM careers but at this time I've not yet decided exactly what I want to study in college. 



I've earned a varsity letter in both football and track during my high school career. I was our track team's MVP my junior year for having scored the most points in a season for our varsity team. Outside of high school, I am an avid downhill skier and I've been a member of our ski team since middle school.



As a freshman I was chosen by my teachers and administrators to be a member of our high school student leadership team and our school's "Redskin Roundtable." I'm a freshman mentor and I am a regular volunteer at a local pay-it-forward charitable restaurant. 



I'm a member of the National Honor Society, the National Society of High School Scholars and I was chosen as a delegate to the Congress of Future Medical  Leaders in June, 2019. 



I'm an avid trombone player and as a freshman, I was the only student in my class to be chosen for our school's advanced wind ensemble program. I also play the piano and I enjoy all types and genres of music. 

Unique Experience


In the late summer of 2018, I had the amazing opportunity to shadow Dr. Diwakar Davar, MD, who is a leading cancer researcher at the Hillman Cancer Center at the UPMC in Pittsburgh, PA. 


Avery Hines' Academic Resume (docx)